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Lifestyle Newborn

Congratulations on your newest addition! I know just how hectic the first days with a newborn baby can be, but soon enough you will look back in disbelief at how fast they went. Be sure to document all the little details you never want to forget while you still can: from the sweet cheeks to the tiny toes. But, don't just capture baby in all their cuteness, be sure to document what life was like with your newborn as well.


This is why I offer in-home lifestyle sessions, because I believe there is no better gift for your child than to show them where they come from. I love to capture all the intimate moments of life with a newborn; rocking with mama in the nursery, sleeping in daddy's arms, or snuggled with the family on the couch.

Newborn sessions generally work best in their first 2 weeks of life, but all these moments are still worth documenting, even if they are outside of this window. I can't wait to work with you in this special time!


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