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Marci & Andrew

Date: May 28, 2022 | Venue: Farris Wheel at Tara Farms

Photographer: Photography by Delaney | DJ: Robert Wilson

We are coming up on the one month anniversary of Marci and Andrew tying the knot! I just put the finishing touches on their wedding album and sent it off to be printed, and decided it was time to share them with y'all on the blog too, so here you go!

Like most weddings, we started with the "getting ready" shots. I grabbed the dress to do a few of it while the bridesmaids were getting themselves together.

I returned the dress to the bridal suite and documented the bride and bridesmaids getting ready. Marci was joined by her 3 beautiful bridesmaids, 5 gorgeous girls, plus the two flower girls.

Then, while the ladies did their finishing touches, it was on to catch up with the groom and groomsmen in the reception space. Since they were mostly ready upon arrival, we captured a few of the groom as he added his finishing touches as well.

With just a few minutes to spare before the ceremony began, we captured a few details from the reception space!

Now, for the ceremony. It started with Andrew walking down the aisle, escorting his aunts (which was an incredibly touching and special moment for them), followed by the bridal party, and of course last but certainly not least was Marci and her daughters, all in white.

Now for my personal favorite moment of any wedding: the groom's reaction to seeing his bride. Now, I know men don't like to be emotional, but I think it's proven fact that the men who don't tear up at least a little bit for this moment at their weddings probably have no heart or feelings at all. So fellas, just keep that in mind. Also, as a woman who has been the bride, this is basically the whole point of the wedding, okay? Let your bride see you break down just a little bit when you see her--it proves she made the right decision.

Now for the heartfelt hugs and sentimental moments between mama and each of her girls.

Now for the ceremony. The saying of the vows. The exchanging of the rings. The pouring of the sand.

And, of course, the KISS!

Immediately following the ceremony we did the formal portraits with the wedding party and the family. It was a quite warm day and everyone was ready to ditch their formal wear as soon as they were allowed! We did everything but the bride and groom's formal portraits, which I elected to wait until sunset for (and you will see why in just a bit).

Then for the entry of the bridal party, and the introduction of the new Mr. and Mrs. Nemec!

Then onto dinner and the cake!

After the cake cutting, I walked outside and saw it was the PERFECT time for our bride and groom's formal portraits. I was SO glad we opted to wait a few hours. It had cooled down just a little bit, and the sun was peeking through the trees perfectly. It was pure magic. Plus, since there was no huge rush to get back inside to the guests (since everyone was already eating and dancing), we were able to take our time and really let them enjoy their moment together.

And for a little different perspective (I honestly LOVE how this one turned out).

And lastly, before we wrap up the formal portrait portion, here are a few behind the scenes photos of me taken by my second shooter, AKA my own hubby! As you can see here (and more often than not) I end up helping the bride with her bustle, since I am one of the only ones without fake nails which can make some tasks like this almost impossible! You can also see the behind the scenes of me capturing my "under the veil" shots.

After the formal portraits were complete, we headed back in to finish out the evening. We partied, we danced, and we celebrated true love in a world that has otherwise gone crazy. Andrew not only danced with his beautiful bride, but he had a special song to dance with each of Marci's daughters to as well. The uniting of their two families into one was a beautiful sight.

It is always such an incredible honor to get to document once-in-a-lifetime moments like these. Sending a special thank you to Andrew and Marci for allowing me to join you on your special day, and trusting me with your memories. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness!

And for the rest of you, thanks for reading!

XOXO, Delaney

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