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Limited Edition Sunflower Sessions

These sunflower sessions are something I truly look forward to all year! From the endless fields of sunflowers to the multicolored zinnias, these sessions are a dream for this vibrant & colorful photographer. These limited edition sessions will be taking place at Western Belle Farm in West, TX. Tentative dates are set, but we must wait until the flowers bloom to confirm, so there is a 2-3 week window we are currently looking at. These sessions will only available on weeknights just before sunset. 

These Sunflower Sessions are extremely limited -- I will only be taking 6 sessions total, and will be booking them as standard, full length sessions to give us the time to really explore the many locations on the farm, and capture memories of your family every step of the way. Along with the session, I will be including hair and makeup by the incredible Braydie B. (@hairxbraydieb) from Cortney & Co to ensure you feel your BEST for this session. You will have access to my client closet dresses if you desire, along with having my expertise to help you/your family choose what to wear either way. We will work together to plan the session of your dreams, so all you need to do is show up and make memories with your loved ones! 

After the session, we will look through all the beautiful photos we create to select and perfect your favorite images and create wall art and albums that you will be excited to showcase to your friends and family. Why not let these beautiful memories have a permanent place in your home (after all, no one needs more digitals just to get lost in their phone, right?) 

Are you ready to have the experience of a lifetime? Contact me to book your session today! 

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