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Krista - Maternity

Location: Blank Space at WacoWork

This maternity session was originally scheduled to take place outdoors in my field, but come the day of the session we got a (much needed) torrential downpour. Great for Texas, but not so much for our photo session. So we had to reschedule.

The Texas weather and the temperature are basically the only downfalls to working outdoors, and in my opinion, generally worth the price of admission (and to be honest, I could count on one hand the number of times I have had to reschedule due to weather in the last 5 years, so hallelujah).

But, since we were now needing to push out a few weeks to accommodate both of our schedules, she was getting into the more uncomfortable part of her pregnancy (you know how the rest is a cakewalk, right? this mother of two said with sarcasm). So when we were working out a date for our reschedule, we discussed doing them indoors instead. I got to work researching where, and fortunately I had heard great things about Blank Space in WacoWork, and had been itching for an opportunity to use it...and this was that opportunity. We set our date and I eagerly awaited our session.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't just a little nervous. It's been a few years since my studio days, and the Blank Space is all natural window lighting unlike the full studio lighting setup I had experience with. But, y'all know I am pretty good at going with the flow, so I decided to roll with the punches.

When our appointment day finally arrived, I grabbed the dress Krista selected from my client closet and headed to the Blank Space. Upon arrival, I was able to let myself in and get all set up in their upstairs studio space. I had brought my light setup just in case, but I definitely didn't need it! There was a ton of natural lighting from the wall of windows, along with two cute couches, several chairs, a shelf for our stuff, a rack for the clothes, and a movable backdrop. I took my test shots, quite pleased with the setup, and awaited the arrival of Krista and her family.

When Krista arrived with her husband and son, she was already dressed in her first outfit so we were able to get right to it. We started on the grungy white wall, then did a few in front of the windows with her and her hubby, then back to the wall for some family pictures and photos with just her son. Can I say how excited her son is to be getting a baby brother? They even have a secret handshake already. It was beyond sweet.

Then, Krista changed into the second outfit--the dramatic black robe/dress that I she chose from my client closet. I was BEYOND excited that she selected this option, as it was the first time using it for a maternity session, which was what I had envisioned it for from that start. We did a few with the ultrasound, then proceeded to capture more sweet moments with her and her hubby. We did a few leaning up against the wall (which, as someone who primarily shoots in an open field, was a nice change of pace for me) and a few laying on the ground too.

All the while, her son was beyond helpful and involved in the process, even in the photos he wasn't in. He was holding the curtains, helping throw the dress in the dramatic dress shot, making us all laugh, and he even captured some behind the scenes footage for me. To be honest, I felt like I owed him an assistant's fee by the end, and I absolutely loved how much he wanted to help!

I captured a few more images with Krista and her son, then we wrapped up the session. I used the black background and got a few more of just mama. Then I opened up the curtains all the way and did some of her in the bright window lighting to create more dramatic images and play with the shadows too. Turns out, I had no reason to be nervous. I absolutely love how they turned out, and can't wait to use this space again!

That is a wrap on Krista's maternity session. I am already looking forward to meeting the sweet baby boy and getting them in front of my camera again. Until then...



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