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Thoughts for the New Year

You'd think after being a photographer as long as I have been (over a decade now) that there wouldn't be anything I would be nervous to do, yet, every year I find myself exploring new ideas, pushing boundaries, and striving to become a more well-rounded and experienced artist.

My first project of the new year was to work with the midday sun, which is generally my nemesis. If you've shot with me before, we probably did a golden hour shoot. It is where I am the most comfortable, and what has produced some of my (and my clients) favorite images. But, there's not much growth by staying in the comfort zone, now is there? Normally I would bribe my toddlers to participate in my experiment, but this time I decided to work with the "model" who has been photographed by me more than anyone else in my career....yep, time to get out the handy dandy tripod and do some self portraits.

Why though? Why must I push the boundaries and expand past where I am at if I am a (relatively) successful portrait photographer? Sure, it could be the perfectionist in me who believes if I can't do it all, that I'm not good enough to call myself a pro. Or, maybe it's that little bit of anxiety in my soul, telling me to push myself now so I can be prepared when a new opportunity presents itself. To be honest though, that is my ultimate goal: to be prepared for any situation so I can do whatever is asked of me with confidence.

Now, there is something special about knowing or being able to find your niche and putting all your effort into becoming the best at that, and I know as a business person it makes it easier to draw your ideal clients. So, at the end of every year, I sit down to think about how I hope to grow and improve, and what, if anything, I want to do different. My goal today is the same as it has been all along, and it's the reason I went to school to pursue this profession in the first place: I want to document memories, create beautiful artwork, and build lifelong relationships with my clients. I want to be more than "a" family photographer, I want to be your family's photographer.

Nothing brings me more joy than being able to photograph a family and be their go to for everything in life, from a proposal, to the wedding, to the pregnancy announcement, the maternity photos, the birth of a child, documenting every milestone as they grow, through to their graduation and then starting the cycle over. I have loved being able to be apart of my client's biggest moments in celebrate the ones that take your breathe away and change your life forever--like documenting the first day with a newborn baby--to being by your side and ensuring the memories do last forever--like capturing the final moments before you say goodbye to your childhood pet.

There is not a single thing in this journey of life that I don't want to be prepared and willing to document for you. I strive to be well versed enough in all types of situations that I can be ready for whatever life (or you as my client) allows me to do next. Rest assured that I will bring my experiences and confidence with me, and know that I am just as invested in documenting your memories as you are.

So, for whatever 2023 has in store for you, I would love to be there with a camera turning those moments into memories.



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