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All About Auggie

Updated: May 24, 2022

Back in March I did maternity photos for the Seitz family, who have so much personality they were practically busting at the seams. For sure, it was one of my favorite sessions of all time. So, I was beyond thrilled when mama Zoe said she wanted to do newborn photos with me as well!

Plus, it meant I was going to get to trade services for a freezer full of some of the best meat in the state of Texas, straight from their farm (if you haven't tried it yet, do yourself a favor and get some here -->

However, I also knew that they had recently moved into a tiny house while they prepared their barndominium. I would be lying if I said I didn't think to myself "a newborn, plus a 2 year old and a 4 year old with two adults in a tiny home? How in the WORLD is that going to work?"

I was trying to figure out just how I would make an in-home session work in this situation, along with wrapping my head around how they were doing family life with their littles in this small space (399 sq ft, to be exact). Honestly, my husband and I had considered the #tinyhouselife ourselves, but knowing we were just about ready for kids at the time, I figured it just wasn't feasible. Boy was I wrong.

When I got the call that baby had arrived and they were ready for photos, I was so excited... but also just a little nervous at how to prepare for their in-home lifestyle newborn session. Usually when it comes to in-home sessions, the day I arrive for the session is the first time I see the space I am working with, and I have to totally wing it. This session was no different. I packed up a few newborn props, my letterboard and camera gear, and headed to Long Branch Farm in Prairie Hill, Texas.

Upon arrival, mama Zoe was on the couch with little August (fondly called "Auggie"), and dad Richard was wrangling the older siblings. I immediately started to scope out the space and thought "YES, I can totally work with this!" I let them get settled on the couch while I got my gear ready and took a few test shots.

Then we started with little man in his Moses basket bassinet (which I adored by the way). It seemed like the perfect place to include the letterboard with his birth details, and get some individual photos of little man! Of course, the siblings wanted in as well, and were so helpful when he started to fuss by bringing his paci and his little blankie. It was so precious to see them wanting to be involved and knowing just how to help.

I kept snapping right up until Auggie said he was done with that, then it was back to the couch for a little soothing by mama, then onto family pictures! I couldn't help but snap a photo of everyone's hands on Auggie. It really is all in the details for me! *insert heart eyes here*

After this, I sent the kiddos 5 feet away to the kitchen and captured just mom and dad with the little man.

Then, it was on to the bedroom for some more cozy lifestyle shots, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much room there was! We kept it simple with just mom, dad, and Auggie to start, and little man was so happy I even got a SMILE. Pretty dang cute for only a week old, huh?

Then, we called the kids in and let playtime begin! I asked the kids to jump on the bed and play around and BOY did they understand the assignment. We even got the start of WWE Smackdown - Toddler Edition. (PS, no children were harmed in the making of this photoshoot. Kids are kids, ok? I just take pictures.)

Then, for the sweet and serene "everyone look at the baby" picture.

Ok, mission accomplished! Now, we went back out to the living area and get some pictures of just dad holding baby, and a few of mama nursing, per her request, which I absolutely adore but have left out for mama's privacy.

Finally, mama stripped down the little man so I could capture all details, from the full head of hair down to the tiniest little toes. I grabbed my heart shaped dough bowl, which I had just picked up a week or so prior at the SoCentralTX Vintage Market Days in Waxahachie, Texas, which was hand-crafted by McCains Furniture. I put the dough bowl on the ground in the living area, we added a little padding for his comfort and they grabbed their mustard colored blanket, laid him down in it, covered his bits up, and he nestled right in. He was so cooperative and made my job almost too easy!

So, there you have it, y'all! That's officially a wrap on little Auggie's session. Turns out the tiny home worked out perfectly. And if I ever hear someone say "my house is too small for an in-home newborn session" again, they are getting a link to this absolutely perfect session.

As I said before, it is all about working with what you've got! And to be honest, I think the greatest gift you can give your child when they are grown is to be able to show them exactly where they come from, whether you live in a perfectly kept mansion, or the tiniest little home, full of more love than you could ever imagine. After all, it is not about the house, but the people and the love within it.



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