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Western Belle Farm - Pumpkin Festival

Location: Western Belle Farm, 7929 Heritage Parkway, West, Texas 76691

Date: October 16, 2022

Photography: Photography by Delaney

A few weeks ago I was gifted tickets from a friend at church to the Western Belle Farm Pumpkin Festival. I was beyond excited for the opportunity to take a little time out of my busy fall schedule to spend a fun day with the family and enjoy the cool weather that was finally making an appearance! Although I hadn't heard of this farm before, my husband and I were excited for an outing with our 1.5 and almost 3 year old daughters.

Not long after we received our tickets, good friends and past clients of mine Zoe and Richard with Long Branch Farm shared their experience here and interviewed one of the owners, Taylor Huffman (you can check it out here: After watching their interview, I realized this was unlike any pumpkin patch or fall festival I had ever attended, and our anticipation was building, so we made our way to the Pumpkin Festival that very same weekend.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a smile, got our wristbands, and made our way in to see just how much they had to offer... there are so many activities to choose from we didn't even know where to begin. Fortunately my eldest spotted the Jump Pillow and decided that was clearly the place to start.

Then, it was non-stop from one activity to another. Incredibly, we did not have to wait in a single line, nor do you have to pay for any of the activities--except to purchase "ammo" if you want to shoot the pumpkin/apple canons. Considering we spent the previous weekend at the fair, this was a pleasant surprise.

There are also so many photo ops setup I couldn't even count or take photos at them all (which is quite impressive, coming from a photographer). And after all, can you really go to a Fall Festival or Pumpkin Patch and NOT take a photo?

While we were walking around making our way through the many activities they had, we also had the opportunity to catch up with the owners, Taylor & Brandon, and hear their story. As it turns out, they moved here from Maryland, where they owned an operated a farm and pumpkin patch as well. Since their arrival in West, Texas just last year, they have turned this farmland into what I anticipate will be one of the biggest attractions in Central Texas.

It is obvious they know what they are doing. Every activity is so well thought out, and is fun for all ages--from toddlers, to parents, and everything in between and beyond. I know this is not an easy feat, to make activities accessible to a one year old and still fun for adults, but they have executed every idea flawlessly. I can not appropriately express how impressed I am.

We ended up spending nearly 4 hours having the time of our lives, playing and making memories as a family, which is not always easy to do for hours at a time when you have toddlers! By the time we left, there were still so many activities we hadn't done that we opted to come back the very next day and have some more fun together. This time, I called up a couple good friends and invited them to spend the day with us and be my models for this blog, which I had already decided I needed to write to give this new but blossoming small business the recognition they deserve.

All in all, we were absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the experience provided by the Western Belle Farm, their staff, and owners Taylor & Brandon Huffman. If you are looking for a Fall Festival to attend in Central Texas, I guarantee you will not be disappointed if you chose Western Belle Farm!

When you do visit (because I just know you want to now), don't forget to stop in before you leave to get your own "Passport" of Memories! They will take your photo and stamp your book each festival, and you can fill it up with all your visits and memories made at Western Belle Farm over the years!

Whether you are looking for an activity with your family (whether you have toddlers, school age or teenagers) or even if you want a fun date with your significant other... this is the place to be! If you are still undecided, let Shelby and Kolton's photos convince you!

Pick your pumpkins and take advantage of the photo ops!

Play in the corn bin (PS it's not just for kids, but also kids at heart)!

Play in the Bubble Barn, race the Round Bale Rollers, or challenge your loved ones to a game of life size Connect Four!

Bounce around and see who is fastest in the Pony Hop Races!

Try your hand at firing the Apple Canon and Punkin' Chunkin'!

Let out your inner child on the seesaws and the barn slides!

See who can win in the Duck Races!

If your tummy starts to rumble, pop by the concession stand to get burgers, fries or yummy kolaches, and quench your thirst with homemade lemonade, cold apple cider, or sweet tea.

Pet the cows and donkeys and feed the goats.

Take a ride on the Beeline Zip Lines.

Let the littles pick their own pumpkins and say CHEESE!

Did I already mention there are a TON of activities...more than I could even count, include here, or do in one day?

More photo ops! You can't be in Texas without having a Texas flag somewhere, right?

Get your photo taken for your Passport and come back for every festival to fill it up with memories!

Truly, I could go on and on and on about how amazing this place is, but the reality need to see and experience for yourself! Their Pumpkin Festival has 3 weekends left (last day is Nov 6th), so there is still plenty of time visit and play. You can get more info or buy tickets here:

And if you want someone to document all the fun you are having with your family or your significant other, I know just the photographer who would love to join you in the fun!

'Til then!



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