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Waco Photography Locations

Updated: Apr 22

Waco has been graced with many beautiful and photogenic locations that make the perfect backdrop for all types of photo sessions! Here are some of the most popular and most iconic photo locations available in and around Waco, Texas.

*NOTE: all photos featured in this blog are taken by and are the exclusive property of Photography by Delaney, and may not be used without permission*

Waco Suspension Bridge

The historic Waco Suspension Bridge has been a feature of downtown Waco since 1870, and was recently rehabilitated in 2023. It spans 475 feet across, and is the first bridge to cross the Brazos River. It makes for a beautiful, architectural backdrop and is very representative of the Waco community and history!

The Hippodrome Theatre

If you are looking for an elegant indoor space, look no further than the Waco Hippodrome Theatre. It boasts several multifunctional spaces and teems with luxury and allure. It has been a part of downtown Waco's entertainment scene since 1914, hosting a variety of live performances, vaudeville theatre and has served as a movie house. It continues to host events to this day and can be booked for weddings, parties, concerts, awards shows and more. In 1983 was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, so although it had a bit of a facelift in 2018, it still has every bit of the historic charm it is known for.

Carleen Bright Arboretum

The Arboretum, nestled in Woodway, Texas, is known as the "Jewel of Woodway". It features a variety of stunning outdoor backdrops including the botanical gardens, a beautiful white chapel called the Whitehall Center, a monarch butterfly waystation, fountains, gardens, a gazebo, and trails winding through it's native woodlands. It does offer the Pavilion Event Center which can be rented, but the 16 acres it sits on are more than enough in itself for anyone looking for a beautiful backdrop!

Magnolia & Silos

You truly can't list iconic Waco sights without mentioning Magnolia and the Silos! This incredibly popular tourist destination and local hotspot is easily one of the most well known hubs of Waco, and for good reason. It features a plethora of incredibly well designed and carefully curated spaces that make it popular for tourists and locals alike to do photo sessions or even plan surprise proposals, no matter what season!

Rooftop & the ALICO

If you know where to look, there are several buildings and parking structures with rooftop access that put the iconic ALICO building in the background of your images! This can provide an urban and edgy vibe for any type of photo session.

Heritage Square

Located just in front of City Hall, Heritage Square is a great choice for many types photo sessions, and is particularly popular on prom night! It features two water fountains and a small garden area. When crossing the street between the two sides of the square, you can even spot the ALICO in the background.

McLennan County Court House

Walking distance from Heritage Square is another popular backdrop for photo sessions (especially elopements). The McLennan County Court House is a landmark built in 1901, and it is known for being the most beautiful and impressive civic building in the city.

Cameron Park & Proctor Springs

Another jewel of Waco, located minutes from downtown, is Cameron Park. This park spans over 416 acres and features two rivers, magnificent trees, several playgrounds, a disc golf course, many gazebos, and so much more! My personal favorite spot in Cameron Park for photo sessions is near Proctor Springs. It has been a city park since 1910 and was part of the originally donated 125 acres of Cameron Park, however it is known for hosting gatherings as early as 1876. Proctor Springs boasts what appear to be ancient stone steps, a bridge crossing the spring, and a backdrop so dense and wild you may forget you are in the middle of an urban park! Directly across the street from the Proctor Springs parking lot, there is a fallen tree that has become a favorite spot for family photos as well.

Woodway Park

Another park worth mentioning is Woodway Park. It has a little less foliage and more open space to run, but is equally beautiful as Cameron Park, as it is situated on the edge of Lake Waco and provides a view of the Twin Bridges.

Western Belle Farm

Western Belle Farm has quickly become a known and loved family farm in West, Texas, open seasonally for their Spring Sunflower Festival and their Fall Festival! The Huffman Family are 4th generation farmers who owned a pumpkin patch business for 6 years in Maryland. In 2021, they sold it all and moved to West, Texas with their sights set on providing the same experience to Waco! They hosted their first festivals in 2022 and continue to grow every season. They are incredibly well versed in this industry and are very aware of the importance of photo ops, and therefore have utilized every inch of their family farm to provide photo ops and beautiful backdrops, so that all their visitors can have amazing photos in their sunflower fields, pumpkin patches and more! Aside from the countless photo ops, there are innumerable activities suitable for the entire family (including apple and pumpkin canons, a jump pillow, farm animals, zip lines, wagon rides, live music, concessions, and more) meaning you can come for the photos, but stay for the fun!

Blumen Haus

Located in Lorena, this quaint little glass house is a wonderful indoor/outdoor option! With so many windows on 3 of 4 walls, the natural light is any photographer's dream. You are welcome to bring your own props for a session, or they offer seasonal setups (be sure to follow their social media to stay updated on their offerings). Take photos on the little bridge out front, in the field of flowers, on the front steps, in front of the vintage blue truck, and inside the Blumen Haus itself!

WacoWork Blank Space

To wrap up this list, I have to mention an awesome resource for photographers and business men and women alike who are looking for a space to rent to shoot content or even just host a meeting. The downtown co-working space WacoWork includes Blank Space, which boasts a 1,000 sq ft natural light studio that can be rented by the hour and used for any number of uses, from headshots, to family photography and more. It features white walls, an 8 ft rolling backdrop, plus a variety of furniture pieces that can be moved around to suit your needs.

When it comes to finding locations for a photo session in and around Waco, Texas, there is no shortage of options to fit any style. If you are a new photographer (or a new-to-Waco photographer) looking for some amazing locations, I welcome you to the area and/or this industry! You have many great options to choose from--far too many to list here, so be sure to get out there and see the amazing options that Waco has to offer!

If you are a client in search of the perfect location for your next session, I hope this guide has provided a few ideas so we can start planning the session of your dreams together. Remember, these are just a few of the MANY locations available! We will work together to determine exactly what location will match the vision for your dream session, and I am here to guide you through every step of of the way from consultation to delivery of your favorite photo session ever!

XOXO, Delaney

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