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Car Wash - Shelby & Kolton

At the beginning of the summer (which is usually the slow season for photography in Texas due to the heat and vacations and such) I created a bucket list of sessions I have been dying to do and wanted to use the slow season to do more creative work. A car wash session was on that list, and I had been searching for a couple who would be up for a super fun but nontraditional photoshoot.

Shelby has modeled for me before, so when I reached out to her and asked if they wanted to do it, the answer was "when and where?!". Apparently it didn't take too much convincing to get Kolton on board, especially since he would get pictures of his truck (boys and their cars, am I right?)

We set our sunset appointment and I literally counted down the days. When the day finally arrived, we met at the car wash, only to find out that it was only operating from 10am-2pm due to the water restrictions in our area (thanks to the Texas draught) aaannnnndddddd it was 7:30pm.

My heart dropped, but I immediately got to work on a backup plan (because there was no way we were NOT doing this session). We started to head to a different car wash but realized quickly the whole county is probably under the same restrictions. I was really dying to use a self service car wash and get a different backdrop than my usual field pictures, but did not want to waste any more time. I pulled over and said "we're going back to my place instead". All the while we were losing precious minutes of our golden hour light.

We got back to my place and set up the hose, bucket with soap, and a sponge (we made do with a sponge from our bathroom, because apparently our 2 year old hid the car wash one months ago...thanks baby girl). But as the theme of this day, we were making lemons into lemonade.

Once we were set up, we started with your average boyfriend/girlfriend/truck photos.

Then we broke out the hose and let the real fun begin. Rule #1 with the hose was "do not spray towards the camera". But, when you are having fun with the love of your life, sometimes you forget the rules (thanks for the mini heart attack Kolton!). Fortunately, no cameras were harmed in the making of these photos.

I LOVE that Shelby and Kolton came to play. I guided them through where to stand and generally what to do, but they hardly needed any coaching on the interaction. They 100% understood the assignment.

Per usual, at the end of the session I asked if there was anything specific they wanted before we wrapped it up. Shelby lit up and said she wanted to dump the bucket on his head. And I said "YES let's do THAT!"

I think the goal with every session I do is to make it my favorite so far, and this one delivered (and will be hard to beat). That being said, I am ready for whatever fun, unique and exciting idea is next. 'Til then!



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