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Hudson - Lifestyle Newborn

As you probably know by now, I offer in-home lifestyle sessions for my clients with newborn babies. I absolutely love these sessions, partly because they are always a challenge for me creatively (because more often than not I don't know what I am working with location wise until I arrive), but more so because I believe there is something incredibly special about documenting photos of not only your newborn baby, but life WITH your newborn baby. In a lifestyle session, we will capture photos of you sweet new baby in all their cuteness, from their sweet cheeks to their tiny toes. But we won't stop there. We will capture all the intimate moments of life with a newborn; rocking with mama in the nursery, sleeping in daddy's arms, or even snuggled with the family on the couch.

Odds are, you spent a lot of time preparing the cutest nursery for your little one, which changes SO fast as they grow (take it from me). Soon you'll be swapping a crib for a toddler bed, a changing table for a dresser, a rocking chair for a bookshelf, and upgrading the décor to match whatever your little one requests. Be sure to freeze this special moment in time in photos that will always allow you to reminisce on all the details you never want to forget (like just how small they looked in their crib).

As for Hudson, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if he grew up to be a pilot. With a nursery as adorable as this, how do you NOT do a lifestyle session to capture all these details?

When I first arrived, I took the nursery detail shots, then we got started with father/son pictures.

What you do see in these photos is some precious moments between a new dad and his son. What you DON'T see is a case of mom brain (which is very much a real thing, I assure you from personal experience). When I arrived at this session, they honestly seemed a little surprised. As it turns out, they weren't expecting me for a few more hours. Fortunately, we were all able to make it work! Life with a newborn can be hectic to say the least, so I always try to have grace in these situations because it wasn't that long ago that I was in the same boat. So, as always, we rolled with the punches. Dad got some one-on-one time with his little man while mom got ready for the session!

Once mama was ready, we did a few of the two of them as well. She looks pretty dang good for getting ready last minute, don't you agree?

Next we did a few of all three of them together!

Then, it was onto individuals of sweet Hudson. Just because it is a lifestyle session doesn't mean I don't come prepared with my handy dandy props and wraps (along with a light just in case the window light isn't sufficient). I usually end up bringing my whole collection of newborn props, and once I can get a feel for the home and décor, I will pick what I think will look best with input from Mom & Dad.

By the time we finished with the individual photos and all the little details, Hudson was still sleeping incredibly almost felt like a waste NOT to continue. I brought mama back over and placed her in front of my softbox light to get just a few more of them. It was SO worth it!

And....that is a wrap on Hudson's in-home lifestyle newborn session.



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