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Glime Wedding

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Ceremony Venue - The Old Rock Church, Cranfills Gap, TX

Reception Venue - Market at the Mill, Clifton, TX

Photography - Photography by Delaney

Dress & Veil - Georgio’s Bridal

Hair - Stephanie Cogburn / The Cattleman's Wife Salon & Co

Balloons - Dream Big Balloons

Antique Furniture refinished by - The Painted Bunting

Band - Friends of the bride & groom

Catering - Hot Cheeks BBQ (bride and groom)

Decorating - Family and friends of the bride and groom

This wedding was easily one of my favorite weddings ever to attend and have the absolute honor to document. Every wedding is beautiful and full of love, but this one hit me different. Now, it could be because the presence of God was so very apparent in every aspect of this day...there is no denying that He played a huge roll. But, it was my friendship with Amanda that really made it so touching.

I met Amanda when I first started attending Top Hand Cowboy Church a few years ago, and we have grown close over the past 3 years. I first took pictures of her and her sweet boxer, Huck, back in 2021, and we've always talked about how someday, God would send her the man that she had patiently (and at times, maybe not so patiently) been waiting for. She showed her trust in Jesus in the waiting and the searching, despite her frustrations along the way. But, I know I can speak for Amanda when I say, Todd was well worth the wait.

Having the opportunity to be a small part of such a big day for Amanda and Todd was one of the greatest moments of my photography career so far. It was a wedding straight out of a dream!

Everything about this wedding was perfect, right down to the smallest details (and you know I am a sucker for the details!)

When I arrived, the bridal suite was saturated with happiness, words of love and encouragement, and the worship music resonated through the room. Witnessing Amanda's transformation from beautiful woman into the most gorgeous bride was such a privilege.

Meanwhile, just a few miles away, Todd was preparing the BBQ (meat & beans) for the reception, while getting ready with his family and close friends. He also opened the sweetest gift from his bride to be, which I will share more about in a bit!

Then, for a few bridal portraits prior to the ceremony, plus photos with her bridesmaids, flower girls, and her family.

Then, we sent the bride away just in time for the groom's portraits. Can't let them see each other before the ceremony!

Then of course the bridesmaids need to come out to see the groom. Don't mind Casey and her faces here, she is known for being quite animated!

Now, for the ceremony...the moment we all have been waiting for! Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the Rock Church is?

And here come's the bride...but don't mind me getting the most important photo of the day--the groom's reaction to seeing his bride as she walks down the aisle.

I know you can't tell from here, but there are quite a few teary eyes in the front of the church in this moment.

Now for the rings...

And the assembling of the unity cross....

And...what are we waiting for? Kiss the bride!

Now for a few formal portraits with the families and the bridal party... check out little man who was just ready to RUN!

Can't miss a photo with the officiant! P.S. This is what it looks like when you are close friends with the Pastor and his wife!

Now, for my time with the bride and groom for their formal portraits. I have been looking forward to and planning for this time since capturing their proposal at this same location just a few months prior. On the day Todd proposed, the sunset sky was truly incredible and I was afraid we wouldn't get another beautiful sunset. Fortunately, God painted a masterpiece for Todd & Amanda's wedding day!

Remember how I promised y'all I would share a little story about this sweet gift Amanda gave her husband on their wedding day? Here it is.

A while back, before Amanda even met Todd, she purchased this Bible for her future husband. Since then, she has praying without ceasing for him, highlighting verses, and leaving notes for the man that she would marry some day. Her relationship with the Lord and her trust and patience in waiting for the husband He had for her is truly a testament to her unshakeable faith.

In a world where marriages are under attack like never before, it is abundantly clear to me how important having a good, strong foundation and a relationship with Christ truly is. Photographing them as they prayed over one another was one of the most intimate and powerful moments I witnessed in the entire day. Though trials will certainly come in their life, it is obvious to me that the devil doesn't stand a chance against these two with their undeniable faith and trust in God.

We got a few final sunset photos before heading to the reception. Really though, can you BEAT these skies? I am still in awe!!

The reception space at Market at the Mill in Clifton was decorated beautifully, and with so much love from the friends and family who's talents were poured out to make this day amazing!

After a night of eating, dancing and celebrating the unity of these incredible human beings, they said goodbye with a sparkler sendoff...of course!

Wishing Mr. & Mrs. Glime a lifetime full of faith, happiness and love. Thank you for the honor of being able to have a front row seat on this journey, and for the privilege of capturing this important day. I can not wait to continue to document every blessing God has in store for you in this life you get to live together.



I Have Found the One My Soul Loves”

– Solomon 3:4

© Photography by Delaney

*All photographs on this page are the exclusive property of Photography by Delaney, and may not be used without permission.*

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