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Stephanie & Justin

When Stephanie and Justin pulled up to my location for their engagement session and hopped out of their vehicle, I was beyond excited. Everything came together perfectly, their look, their outfits, their vibe, their personalities... honestly photographing them basically felt like a dream. It was one of those sessions where I thought to myself "how lucky am I that I do this for a LIVING".

They had reached out to me in advance about bringing champagne as a prop, to which I said "heck yes!", and I knew right then this was going to be a very fun and adventurous couple who would be down for all my crazy suggestions and prompts. And they SO were.

We started with your traditional ones, the ones you can give to mom and grandma for the wall. Then, of course, it was on to the creative, candid and fun stuff! I took full advantage of the golden hour sun peeking out from behind the trees to create these dreamy sun-kissed shots.

I also grabbed a copper tube from my bag of tricks to do a few artsy shots.

Next we popped the champagne!

Then onto a few more fun prompts. We did a lift and spin, a dance and dip, a sneak attack, and a little walking in the field.

As we neared the end of the session, the sunset was so beautiful, I couldn't not capture it, so we did a few silhouettes.

Then I wanted to get just a few more ring shots, since you can't do an engagement session without really highlighting the ring!

Finally, now that we were all very comfortable with one another and I really got to know them and see their chemistry, I wanted to do a few "steamy" type shots, only if they were up for it. I always try to get to know my couples and document them in the way that reflects them as a couple. As soon as I suggested it, boy did they understand the assignment. I could have photographed them for hours. Did I mention that they were basically a dream? Not only did they go along with all my crazy ideas, but they even came prepared with a few ideas of their own!

Of course, if a client ever has anything specific shot in mind or have an idea that they want to try, I am always game to capture whatever they have envisioned. I love a client that has ideas on what they want to do, but even if they don't, it is my job to provide the fun prompts and guide my clients through the session. As the client, it is not your job to tell the photographer what to do the entire session! My job is not just about "taking good pictures", since making sure I deliver properly exposed and in focus images is basically the bare minimum as a photographer... but as an artist, it is about directing my client, creating a moment, and then capturing it in a way that you can look back on and re-live the memory forever.

In case no one has told you: photo sessions are supposed to be FUN, so if this is not the experience you have had, maybe it's time to try something new! It shocks me to hear how often people have said to me "I've never had fun at a session" or "this was my first good experience". I don't know about you, but I always have fun at my sessions, and my goal is to make sure you do too! It's time to break the stigma that it is going to be boring, stuffy, or awkward.

When you're ready to have fun at your photoshoot too, you know just where I will be!

As for Stephanie and Justin, I can not wait for the next time I get them in front of my camera, which as it turns out, will be pretty soon. Until then...



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